Women’s World Cup

How’s this for luck: Three days before the final match for the Women’s World Cup, I get a text from a good friend mentioning that she has an extra ticket to the game!

So, it becomes a last minute scramble. There were literally no available hotel rooms in Vancouver. I tried AirBnb, but after a day, the owner of an available room decided to raise the rate and decline my request based on this new rate. I ended up at a pretty questionable hotel in Surrey. Oh well, the management was nice and mass transit made it easy to get into the city.

It was a great vacation. Vancouver being just across the border from Washington state gave us a near home field advantage throughout the tournament. Combine that with a final match set for the day after our Independence Day and you had one of the most ridiculous displays of ‘merican pride I’ve ever seen. Plus, how can you not like creating a commanding lead within the first 15 minutes of the match.

Women's World Cup Final